Feb 9, 2022

All the good of insurance.

There is a new way to experience insurances: convenient, personalized and 100% digital. This was stated by Genertel SpA, Generali Group’s insurtech, at the end of a transition that involved processes, skills and business models, up to the redesign of its entire digital ecosystem, to which we contributed by taking care of the design of the Genertel.it portal and the Genertel + app.

At the heart of the project, born in the name of simplicity and innovative technologies, there is the renewal of the user experience and design system, in addition to the complete restyling of the graphic interface.

The result? A brand-new customer journey in service of a consistent and intuitive use that can offer customers the easiest navigation, autonomy and management flexibility. Last but not least, convenience as well. In short, "all the good of insurance".

According to the World Insurtech Report, 2021 marked a clear division for the insurance market. In fact, it was the first time that the number of customers willing to subscribe to a digital policy has become a majority.

The pandemic was a crucial transition factor, because it caused the propensity to take out an insurance policy has grown (+ 7%) but in new, unexpected ways. A new demand for protection is emerging. One that seeks simplicity, speed and closeness when the need for insurance occurs. For this reason, 2022 could become "year zero" for Italian Insurtech. A decisive year for the "grounding" of ambitious and innovative projects, ready to ride the new digital wave.



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