Jan 11, 2021

#TapAndMove. A TikTok Challenge at the core of the Skrill and AC Milan digital campaign.

Skrill Global Payments Solutions and AC Milan launch a new campaign, dedicated to fan engagement and innovation. At the heart of the initiative, a TikTok Challenge that bears the signature of Triplesense Reply for its concept and creativity.

SKRILL, a leading company in the digital payments sector, has become AC Milan's Global Payments Partner.

A partnership which had already announced in the spring, began to generate marketing activities to coincide with the start of the 2020-2021 sports season. Among these, a promotional campaign has been scheduled, culminating with the special “Skrill Day”, which took place at midnight on January 6th.

For the occasion, Triplesense Reply has created a Challenge on TikTok, for the teaser of the event from 27 December to 6 January, and has designed a special contest launched during Skrill Day. Five Milan players were the first to take up the challenge, kicking off with a tap on the smartphone screen. In addition to the concept and mechanics of the challenge, the agency has put its signature on the landing page of the competition and produced all the materials to support the different phases.

TikTok was the social phenomenon of the past year, and its challenges are one of its top trends. The most innovative brands are already using them to accelerate their growth and reach millions of users, thanks to the most downloaded app globally.

Credits:Executive Creative Director: Francesco Milanesio; Creative Lead: Chiara Fissore, Emanuele De Donno; Project Manager: Claire Gentils.



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