Jun 15, 2021

Yes, travelling. Finally, with Alpitour World.

The most important Italian tour operator, Alpitour World, is betting on the prompt relaunch of the tourism industry. They are inviting us to start again, making up for time lost during the pandemic, from a brand new site, the first important step in a broader corporate strategy, aimed at revolutionizing technologies and organizational processes.

Alpitour.it receives new look in terms of form and content, but preserves the historical heritage of a brand that builds travel packages and solutions, down to the finest details, perfect for customers who seek moments of leisure and relaxation, with the guarantee of flexibility and assistance.

In this project phase, we worked alongside Alpitour World by taking care of the portal’s design, in partnership with our colleagues of Retail Reply, who are responsible for the development on the Magnolia platform. More specifically, we have reimagined the customer experience by applying a human centered methodology, and reorganized the content around the pillars that are based on the customer experience, with the aim of offering a smooth and pleasant navigation.
With the same approach, we restyled the graphics with a new immersive and photographic look & feel that instills optimism and confidence, and already from onboarding it helps the customer to get in the holiday mood.

Tourism is ready to reopen after the lockdown, and many are wondering about what the future will look like, when the long-lasting effects of the pandemic will add to the transformation processes already underway for some time. The sector trusts in the resilience of tourism demand as an essential need of people.
Nevertheless, the return to "normality" asks operators  for a more effort in enhancing digital communication, in addition to the adoption and integration of new technologies, capable of intercepting the increasingly fragmentary demand of a market in a deep change.



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