Jul 28, 2021

“Sorry for the delay”. Transparency at the center of the new Miele Italia campaign.

Miele Italia, a leading brand in the premium household appliances sector, is back in communication with a relational branding operation, with the aim of exercising an ancient and delicate art: apologizing.

The campaign addresses a critical issue: the delay in the delivery of household appliances, a pain point capable of compromising the relationship of trust between the brand and its customers. Delays exacerbated by an unprecedented combination of factors: on one hand the slowdown in production caused by the lockdown, on the other an increase in orders, coinciding with the new domestic habits induced by the pandemic.

External and widely shared factors, of course, but difficult to communicate without running the risk of self-absolution. For this, our creative team has chosen to focus on an unequivocal key concept: "Customers who are waiting deserve a clear and transparent apology". Equally straightforward is the campaign claim "You deserve transparency", just faded by the irony of "and not only when it comes to glasses": the brand offers its apologies, explains the reasons for the delay and strongly renews its promise of quality without compromises, “we will live up to your expectations”.

Trust is the new brand equity. It is what expresses the strength of a brand on the market.
This is what emerges from recent polls conducted globally. Trust that becomes loyalty, support and purchase decision. In consolidating this relationship, a fundamental asset, Miele Italia has not only focused on frankness and transparency towards its customers and partner suppliers, but has chosen to face and manage the critical issue openly, addressing a wide consumer and business audience with a campaign on major magazines, followed by social media planning on Facebook and Instagram.



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