Oct 8, 2020

Ready for e-mobility? Discover it with GOe LIVE and GO 4Xe LIVE, the new mobile apps by FCA.

Encouraging the transition to "e-mobility" by experiencing what it is like to use electric and hybrid plug-in Fiat and Jeep new models: this is the goal of the new FCA Group GOe LIVE and GO 4xe LIVE apps, now available on the stores iOS and Android.
Adapted to the specific look & feel of each brand, GOe LIVE for Fiat and GO 4xe LIVE for Jeep, the apps bear the signature of Triplesense Reply for video and social design and creativity, and of GO Reply for front end and back end development.

Triplesense Reply’s  design thinking approach is at the heart of the project, from the reorganization of the entire content architecture to the optimization of the user experience, up to the new graphic interface created following the guidelines of the Fiat and Jeep brands for e-Mobility. The promotional video, designed and developed mobile first to strengthen the social campaign on Facebook and Instagram, is a message for innovators and pioneers, ready to reconcile mobility needs with alternative ways of mobility: ”Don't go with the flow. Drive it."

It’s now well known that the electric and hybrid car represent a solution - and at the same time a challenge - to mobility. A challenge with still largely unexplored potential, which starts with new car models, but that’s not all. It is also necessary to be capable of offering infrastructures and above all services, to accompany drivers in what will be a real paradigm shift, represented by the abandonment of traditional engines in favor of electric ones.

FCA understands this, and that’s why it has launched the GOe apps, to make this phase of transition as frictionless as possible, encouraging purchase intentions. In fact, users can simulate driving an electric (Fiat) and plug-in hybrid (Jeep) car, both in virtual and Live Tracking mode, and at the end of the journey they compare fuel costs and CO2 emissions with those of their current vehicle. During the journey, the apps monitor the battery status and remaining charge of the car, as well as provide notifications of charging points along the way, indicating whether recharging is required at one of them.

Furthermore, thanks to the GOe Test, users can evaluate how compatible an electric / hybrid car is with their daily travel needs, while in the Q&A section they find answers to their questions about the world of e-Mobility and discover the technical specifications of the New 500 Elettrica and the new Jeep® Renegade 4xe and Compass 4xe Plug-In Hybrid, with the possibility of booking a test drive. Finally, the Eco Advisor function provides updates on eco-bonus and incentives issued to buyers of an electric or hybrid car in their respective areas of residence.

Available in 13 markets and in 6 languages (Ita, Eng, Fr, Esp, De, Por), Jeep's Fiat GOe LIVE and GO 4xe LIVE will soon be accompanied by a specific Fiat Professional app: Pro Fit by eDucato, that will allow to the customer of the LCV segment to simulate alternative mobility solutions based on their business needs.

Credits:Executive Creative Director: Francesco Milanesio; Creative Lead: Chiara Fissore, Riccardo Albertazzi; UX Lead: Jacopo Moretto; Art Director: Andrea Gilardi, Martina Gay; Copywriter: Andrea Omegna; Designer jr.: Elisa Fuliano, Nicole Bruzzi; Project Manager: Claire Gentils, Chiara Monardo.



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