Feb 8, 2022

Parallel Education, for smart and collaborative teaching.

Sharing is caring, sharing is learning. This is the principle behind Parallel Education, a project born in the wake of the best Internet culture, for the reciprocal training between teachers and formative evaluation of students.

What is it about? A virtual "teachers room", where they can talk and discuss with other colleagues, to share teaching approaches, methods and experiences.

Initially aimed at teachers of lower secondary schools, after a short experimental phase and a stand-by period due to the Covid-19 emergency, the platform is back online with a brand new user experience, integrated by a promotional video in addition to new Facebook and Instagram profiles.

Our intervention, focusing on interface design and content architecture, responded to the need to improve and expand the use of the platform. But not just that. Among the unspoken guidelines, there was also the need to seize the opportunities generated by the changes that the pandemic brought. In particular, the chance of renewing teaching by accelerating  synergy with digital tools, avoiding a relapse into the so-called pre-Covid "normality".



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