Aug 29, 2019


A digital experience project, developed in website and podcast format, to reach the greatest number of users and involve them in an exciting journey through time.

1919-2019. History moves as fast as the innovations of Magneti Marelli: 100 years of ideas, inventions and patents that, in addition to leaving an indelible mark on the automotive industry, have been woven into the history of Italy and its great collective transformations.
It’s a technological heritage that we have celebrated in website and podcast form, creating a digital experience to reach the greatest number of users and involve them in an exciting journey through time.

The journey is articulated through storytelling which traces the 100-year history of Magneti Marelli in 12 themed fragments with the evocative name of “Sparks” — the inventions and discoveries that enlightened Magneti Marelli’s history.
The chapters have been realized in magazine style, available at magnetimarelli100.com in both text and audio mode, for an immersive experience that combines graphics, animation and voice narration.
Furthermore, each episode has been expanded and enriched to create a podcast, "Magneti Marelli's centenary", available on Spotify and speaker platforms across multiple devices.

The choice of a podcast suggests the metaphor of a new spark, but it is above all dictated by a growing trend: in three years, regular users have more than tripled, especially among people aged 18-40 years with a high cultural level. Podcasting is the perfect technology for mobile: you can listen to it anywhere, without interfering with other active apps. It has the potential to become a mass phenomenon, therefore, encouraged by the development of new tools such as smart speakers, and the introduction of dedicated buttons on smartphones and cars connected to the internet.

Just in the year of the Centenary, the new "Marelli" industrial reality is born: a company of even larger and more global automotive components, thanks to the union between the Japanese Calsonic Kansei and Magneti Marelli

The best way to celebrate a century of history marked by inventions that have characterized entire eras. From the first magneto, made by Ercole Marelli, to the birth of Radiomarelli, the most beloved TV and radio brand by Italians in the 1960s; from the introduction of electric lights to the revolutionary innovations of electronics; from the epic of motor racing to the experience of CERN and components for marine engines.

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Credits: Executive Creative Director: Francesco Milanesio; Lead Art Director: Riccardo Albertazzi; Art Director: Andrea Gilardi; Junior Art Director: Greta Romanisio; Lead Copywriter: Chiara Fissore; Copywriter: Andrea Omegna; UX Designer: Laura Bisio; Technical Leader: Riccardo Campioni; FE Developers: Gianni Puglisi, Federico Piccoli, Sergio Marzullo; Accounts & Project Managers: Carlotta Peretti e Martina Boccardi.



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