Oct 8, 2020

For your business and beyond. A new digital campaign for FCA Fleet & Business.

The new FCA Fleet and Business digital campaign aimed at EMEA markets is officially online. The project bears the signature of Triplensense Reply, who defined the multi-brand concept. The team developed and adapted the creative proposals for the promotional offers for each of the following FCA brands: Alfa Romeo, Jeep, Fiat, Abarth, Lancia (Italy only) and Fiat Professional.

Behind every business person, there is someone with a private life, made up of passions, hobbies, emotions. In a market that always seems to think they know best, advising an entrepreneur and professional about "the right car for your business", FCA has chosen another route. Their message is, Your business matters, but you matter more.
By analyzing this target insight, Triplesense Reply won the creative pitch with two visual proposals, which were appreciated for their spontaneity and authenticity.

The original shots are the works of Shane Shepherd (Australian professional photographer) and Kyle Sipple (American amateur photographer). The images happily summarize the goal of communication: capturing people in moments as they break away from business and portray them in a more personal dimension of their passions and secret aspirations.

Starting from the direct and impactful concept, “For your business and beyond” Triplesense Reply created all the campaign material: print (A4), canvas, 300x250 banner, social adv carousel, DEM and landing page.
Each element has been set up to be adapted to all FCA brands. This strategy allows the EMEA markets ample margins for customization and flexibility in the choice of models to promote.

Executive Creative Director: Francesco Milanesio; Creative Lead: Chiara Fissore, Riccardo Albertazzi; Art Director: Andrea Gilardi, Arianna Passaggioi; Project Manager: Claire Gentils, Chiara Monardo.



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