Jan 26, 2021

ABB Electrification chooses Triplesense Reply for 2021 digital marketing.

New year and new business for Triplesense Reply, which won the creative pitch organized by ABB Electrification, a business unit of ABB, a global leader in innovative electricity distribution for public utility services, industry and infrastructure.

Society and economy are asking companies for more sustainability, more energy efficiency and more environmental protection. In a low-carbon future, the distribution of electricity will play a central role, which ABB is anticipating with cutting-edge solutions and digitally connected services.

In this scenario, Triplesense Reply will support the ABB Electrification team during all phases of the creation, production and adaptation of assets for marketing activities for the Italian market in 2021. A market where they will communicate E-mobility projects, Intelligent Distribution, ecosystems for Augmented Houses and Augmented Buildings, as well as branding, training, promotion and product launches.

The adaptation of the contents will be multi-channel and will include ADV campaigns, Social Media Management, E-commerce, Website and Marketing Automation. Expertise for the latter will be provided by Arlanis Reply, a company specialized in the integration of B2B services and CRM solutions, which will bring its fifteen-year experience of partnership with Salesforce. to the project.

For project governance and content production, ABB Electrification will be able to count on a dedicated multidisciplinary team, which follows the organizational scheme of the Reply Group: PMO, which defines the roadmap and is responsible for all activities in terms of timing, quality and strategic coherence; Creative Lab, which guarantees clear and effective communication and the harmonization of all creative outputs on the various touchpoints and communication channels; CRM Strategist, who guides all marketing automation and lead management actions, coordinating them with the general digital strategy.

“ABB Electrification is writing the future of electrical distribution ”, said Francesco MIlanesio, Executive Creative Director, “and we are proud to share its digital growth path by using all of our creative, strategic and operational skills. We’re charged up and ready to start.”



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